6 Reasons Why WWE Needs An Off-Season

Could absence make the great grow fonder?


Imagine if a week after the Super Bowl, the season simply restarted and it was back to business. Or if after the Premier League ended their season in May, and then the next week, the teams were back on the pitch right away. It wouldn't make any sense would it? Not least because finely tuned athletes need time to recover and recuperate.

So why are we asking professional wrestlers, who are just as much athletes who take real risks as footballers do, to never take an extended break?

While wrestling is seen as a modern day vaudeville show with rotating characters that happens to be seen on a weekly basis by millions at home, it doesn't take away from the fact that creating a wrestling off-season would carry very tangible benefits.

Imagine if WrestleMania was the season finale, much like your favorite television show, and then you simply had to wait for the new wrestling season. It may seem terrifying at first, but in this case the benefits largely outweigh the negatives.

Here's six reasons why WWE needs an off-season.

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