8 Best Late Comebacks In UFC History

7. Matt Serra Vs. Shonie Carter

Matt Serra will always be remembered for pulling off one of the biggest upsets in UFC history when he knocked out Georges St Pierre at UFC 69. But he has also been the victim of one of the most spectacular comebacks in UFC history.

This fight was Serra's first in the UFC, and just his fifth overall. He faced Shonie Carter, a pioneer of MMA who had already amassed more than 20 pro fights by the time these two met at UFC 31.

The first round of action was a true barnburner, with Serra dominating Carter by utilizing his high-level BJJ skills and managing to land a devastating head kick. However, Carter rallied as the first ended, and dropped Serra with a spinning back elbow.

A hint of what was to come.

Carter had more success in the second round, avoiding being caught by Serra's hyper-active submission game and getting the better of the striking.

Going into the third round was clear that the first two had been split one apiece. Serra again managed to successfully implement his game-plan in the third round, with all signs pointing towards him earning a decision victory.

Carter though had other plans.

With just seconds remaining in the final round, Carter threw a Hail Mary spinning backfist, knocking Serra out.

Result: Shonie Carter Def. Matt Serra via KO (Spinning backfist) at 4:51 of R3

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