8 Muhammad Ali Opponents Who Suffered Tragic Fates

Fame can be fleeting and tragedy can strike at any moment.

Ron Frehm/AP

In a sport full of icons, no name looms larger than that of Louisville, Kentucky native Muhammad Ali.

Ali’s accomplishments in the boxing ring, combined with his political activism, made him both a popular and controversial figure during his lifetime.

Moreover, his wins over boxing legends like George Foreman, Sonny Liston, and his bitter rival Joe Frazier are why he is considered to be among the greatest boxers of all-time.

While Ali went on to become a sporting icon; many of the men he shared the ring with were not so fortunate. In fact, a number of Ali’s opponent would go on to suffer terrible hardships during, as well as after their boxing careers had ended.

It may be difficult to imagine, but men who competed against one of the most famous athletes ever went on to perish in relative obscurity or even disappeared altogether.

These pugilists suffered some of the most horrible fates that any professional athlete has ever had to endure.

The following tales serve as a reminder that fame can be fleeting and tragedy can strike at any moment.

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