Can You Beat The Ultimate Newcastle United 1995-96 Season Quiz?

The rise of the Entertainers...

John Giles/PA Archive

Ask any Newcastle United fan over the age of 30 what the most traumatic thing in their life so far has been and they're likely to pick one thing en masse. That time their beloved Magpies couldn't do it for Kevin Keegan, who would have loved it if we could have beat them.

Them, in this case, being the pantomime villain Red Devils led by a resurgent Eric Cantona and assisted by Messrs Collymore, Woan, and Fenton. The heartbreakers who conspired to rob Newcastle of a seemingly unassailable lead at the top of the Premiership and a chance of true legendary status. Since then, it's mostly all been downhill, but the Toon Army will always have those heady days of the first Entertainers.

And now that the club have ingeniously chosen to adopt the fan-favourite hooped away shirt style from that season, now's the perfect time to think back to those Almost Glory Days.

How well do you remember the greatest Nearly Men in the history of the Premier League?

1. Who Top Scored With 25 Goals?

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