Chelsea Transfers: Jamie Vardy To Replace Falcao?

Would Vardy really go to Chelsea with Leicester flying high in the table?

Had you said a couple of years ago - or even just last year - that Jamie Vardy would be considered a better striking option than Falcao, you'd have been laughed out of the pub. Had you continued to say that Vardy would actually sign for Chelsea and take Falcao's place in the squad, people would have genuinely thought you were crazy. Now, it's actually a reasonable suggestion, and according to Sky Sports something that could come to pass in this transfer window. According to their Sky Sources, Chelsea are one of a trio of clubs - along with Manchester City and Manchester United - who are monitoring the striker's situation at Leicester. Although he still has two-and-a-half years left on his contract with the Foxes, he is 29-years-old, so may not have too many chances left to move to a big club. However, with Leicester still in the Premier League title hunt (what was I saying about crazy statements?) it's unlikely they'd even consider selling him until at least this summer. Vardy's rise this season, becoming the League's top scorer, is in stark contrast to fellow 29-year-old striker Falcao's fall-from-grace. Once considered among the very best strikers in the world, he has endured a miserable couple of seasons at Manchester United and now Chelsea, and the Daily Mirror are reporting that he could depart England and cross the Atlantic, with Columbus Crew interested in securing his services. Although injury may delay any move, it seems a good one for all parties involved - a chance for Falcao to rediscover form and confidence, and Chelsea (and parent club Monaco) won't have to deal with him on their wage-bill.

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