Following the going over of FA Cup and Champions League winners Chelsea yesterday, Everton don’t half have a lot to compare with in my latest 2012/2013 early season preview…

Final League Position: 7th

All in all, it was another functional season for Everton. They finished a top half team once more and had some stand out matches along the way, including the 4-4 draw with Man United, and the final day victory over Champions League chasing Newcastle United.

However again the fact this is all they ever achieve, they had a shot at the FA Cup this season but came under the category as one of the few teams above League 1 to be outclassed by Liverpool this year and they again failed qualification for the Europa League.

People like to patronize David Moyes a lot by saying he’s achieved so much on such a small budget, but so has Alan Pardew at Newcastle who waved as they shot past Everton in the league this year. More needs to happen at Everton to stop them being a bit of a nothing Premier League side, but it looks like that could happen next year.

The mid season transfer of Jelavic was a step in the right direction due to having a striker at Goodison Park who is capable of putting the ball in the net, as was bringing Pienaar back to the club. Bringing him back on a permanent basis, as well as keeping Jelavic and finding a decent deputy for the lone striker, will allow Everton to do the novel concept of IMPROVING their squad over summer, not just desparately hanging on to players and picking up some scraps at the end.

If this can happen maybe next year Europa League football and a couple of lucrative cup runs could come to the side a little bit devoid of glory. Stuff has been nearly happening for a while now at Goodison Park, with Jelavic up front and the piece of wood now having a spear, maybe something can actually happen.

Summer Transfer Targets:

Picking the bones of the relegated sides would be positive business, Matt Jarvis and Stephen Fletcher would be good buys from Wolves but may command a transfer fee more than Everton are willing to part with. Bringing back Pienaar on a permanent deal would be sound business as they need an injection of pace down the wings. Maybe Klasnic and Davies of Bolton will also make good attacking options for the team devoid of them the last few years.

Next Seasons Goal:

Carling Cup victory, they have a team capable of it and should push harder for it next season which will make for Europa League Qualification and more money to work with filtering its way down to David Moyes.


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This article was first posted on May 22, 2012