Felipe Massa 2008 Brazilian Grand Prix 1

With the announcement this week that Felipe Massa will be leaving Ferrari at the end of the season after eight years with the Italian outfit there have been some great moments, both elating and heartbreaking. Starting out at Ferrari in 2006 with the mighty Michael Schumacher after a year as a test driver, following a strong beginning with Sauber-Petronas, Massa developed into a great driver, challenging for the championship in 2008 and taking 11 race wins, 14 pole positions and 15 fastest laps.

Against my predictions, Ferrari announced that Kimi Raikkonen is making a return to the Scuderia for 2014, leaving seven races for Massa with the Italian giants before he hopefully moves onto a new drive in Formula 1.

I really hope he secures a good one for next season, as I think he deserves it and has so much to offer the sport, and hope we can see more great moments of him in future. And with that, I offer you five great moments of the plucky Brazilian with Ferrari.

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This article was first posted on September 13, 2013