FIFA 19 Review: 6 Ups & 4 Downs


4. Career Mode Has Fallen Way Behind

FIFA 19 Career Mode
EA Sports

First, a nod of respect towards the mode that was once EA's pride and joy: Career Mode.

The team know that Ultimate Team is the money-maker for the series, and that's caused Career to become the unwanted stepchild of the FIFA family. That's a damn shame when there are still so many people who buy the game to live out their management dreams (this guy included). Sadly, EA have done pretty much nothing of note.

Career Mode, aside from the Champions and Europa League integration and other little touches like being able to search for players with release clauses, is exactly the same to last year. Even the much-touted European campaign cutscenes are minor. They extend to those in-box vids that feel more like a .GIF than a full-blown scene.

Frustratingly, there's still no full Create-A-Manager suite. The same presets are there from before, and EA have lazily copied and pasted some of the mode's text too. After last year's improvements, it's safe to say folks were hoping for more.

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