Floyd Mayweather To Request August 26th For Conor McGregor Fight?

The super-fight has never looked closer to becoming a reality.

conor mcgregor
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The Floyd Mayweather/Conor McGregor saga has been rumbling on for well over a year now, but an end may finally be in sight. Five months after McGregor to the media that his next fight will be a boxing match with Mayweather, ESPN are reporting that Floyd is set to request August 26th as the date for his clash with the current UFC Lightweight Champion.

Mayweather Promotions had originally planned on requesting the date for an unspecified event from the Nevada State Athletic Commission later this week, but this has been removed from the agenda A formal agreement is still to be made public, though UFC President Dana White claimed the duo had come to terms in May.

There report makes no mention of a potential venue, but MMA journalist Ariel Helwani has revealed that both parties wish to run the 20,000-seater T-Mobile Arena, not the smaller MGM Grand. No events are currently scheduled to take place at the T-Mobile on the requested date.

While the fight's long, drawn-out development has been blighted by setbacks, it appears that most of the major hurdles have now been overcome, and the bout has never been closer to being made.

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