Liverpool 13-14 Kits

In the past couple of days, images allegedly showing next season’s three Liverpool kits have appeared online, and unfortunately for Liverpool fans, they aren’t exactly the prettiest kits ever released.

The home shirt is fine, though the geometric shapes on the collar are something of a throw-back from the early 90s, and it’s good to see that new kit makers Warrior have heeded the unspoken rule never to mess with the famous red of Liverpool for the home design.

But the away and third kits – if that actually is what these images show – are nothing short of awful. The white shirt, rumoured to be the away shirt, looks like the worst kind of Christmas jumper, and there is just too much going on, which can also be said of the third strip, a white, black and purple monstrosity that would make a harlequin look understated.

If this is what Liverpool fans and football fans in general can expect from Warrior’s first forrays into the world of football kit making, it’s likely some will wish they’d never really tried.

Liverpool fans, will you be buying these shirts if they are indeed released? Or will you stick with an older, classic strip? Share your thoughts below in the comments thread.

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This article was first posted on February 10, 2013