NFL 2018 Week 2 Review - 7 Points & Plays Everyone Is Talking About

6. What Is Happening In Pittsburgh?

Gene J. Puskar/AP

Le’Veon Bell is still absent in Pittsburgh and has shown that his push for a new team is not just a publicity stunt. Each game he misses will costs him a whopping $855,000 in fines. Bell will not be seen until Week 10, which is when he is required to report to the Steeler’s training facility by the league if he wants a free agency trade.

Things are going from bad to worse in Pittsburgh as Antonio Brown appears to be losing his cool. As a direct result of being left out of a red zone play, Brown got into a heated debate with the team’s offensive play caller. Brown proceeded to throw his helmet to the floor and cut a frustrated figure for the rest of the game. What makes the situation more severe is that Brown did not celebrate with the team on their final touchdown drive of the game. This is concerning for everyone involved as a Steeler’s team without Bell and Brown becomes a lot less entertaining and far less intimidating.

Brown took to Twitter after the game and was welcomed to a barrage of negativity, before uttering the words no fan wanted to hear in response: “Trade me”. The saga continues in Pittsburgh and the drama will go into Week 3 and beyond with the story appearing to be more Coronation Street than Steel City.

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