Premier League 2017/18: Every Away And Third Kit Ranked

27. Man Utd (Third)

Adidas/Manchester United FC

Anyone who went on a cheap family holiday to Spain as a kid will immediately recognise this taccy watermarked mess as a knock-off kit available for 3500 pesetas (negotiable) from a beach-side market stall.

Apparently, Adidas allowed fans to design this third strip (but will still charge them £60), which explains it all, really. Closer inspection reveals a silhouette of the statue outside Old Trafford (blasphemously referred to as the 'Holy Trinity'), clearly inspired by nostalgia for this little beauty. Except there's further sacrilege: it lacks a collar! This is no way to honour King Eric.

It's somewhat surprising to see Man Utd return to a stony grey number after their infamous shellacking at the hands of Southampton in 1996 - the defeat blamed on a wardrobe malfunction. Best have those black away kits on stand-by when visiting St, Mary's, lads...

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Editorial Team

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