Ranking Every Super Bowl Of The 2010s, From Worst To Best

Which modern Big Games stood tallest?

Patrick Semansky/AP

Another February, and another Super Bowl has come and gone. Just like that, an entire decade of NFL championships has been written forever in the annals of gridiron legend.

The 2010s, much like the 00s, has been largely dominated by one dynastic empire - namely that of Bill Belichick, Tom Brady and the New England Patriots.

Indeed, many a casual NFL viewer could be forgiven for tuning into the big game most years, looking at the scoreboard, and nary batting an eyelid upon seeing that the Patriots are playing again.

Yet, although the Patriots have played in 5 of 10 Super Bowls this decade, we’ve also seen new challengers and new champions enjoying their day in the sun, if only for precious, fleeting moments.

Far from a solely New England-based celebration, it’s also been a decade of kingmakers and rising stars, as well as the setting suns of some of the league’s storied elite. Those stories often came to fruition in the Super Bowl, a spectacular annual event that attracts viewers from far and wide.

Of course, like any championship bouts, some of these games are destined to go down as classics, while others have likely already been forgotten by many…


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