Ric Flair Cuts Promo At Philly Pre-Super Bowl Wing-Eating Contest

Predicts Eagles victory, flirts with 'wingette' in same venue as Royal Rumble.

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Scott Carlson

He might not have had a role in the Royal Rumble this year, but Ric Flair made an appearance in the same arena on Friday, emerging from a giant faux Lombardi trophy to praise the Philadelphia Eagles in advance of Sunday’s Super Bowl.

It was the Nature Boy’s second consecutive appearance at Wing Bowl 26, an annual, beer-fueled, early morning event that is part wing-eating competition, part carny sideshow. Flair proceeded to cut a promo about Wing Bowl, the Eagles (predicting they will win Super Bowl LII) and the city of Philadelphia itself (“one of the greatest sporting towns in the world”) as fans “Wooooed” at him constantly.

Wing Bowl is almost tailor-made for Flair, as it combines a hard-partying atmosphere with plenty of scantily clad women (many of whom work for local “gentlemen’s” clubs). At one point, Naitch turned to the young woman next to him and asked what her name was.

Flair isn’t the first WWE Hall of Famer to participate in Wing Bowl. In 2015, Mick Foley actually entered as a contestant and was disqualified for hiding uneaten wings in his fanny pack.

Wing Bowl was concocted in 1993 as a way for Philly sports fans to enjoy the week before the Super Bowl since Philadelphia professional sports teams have rarely been in championship games. However, the Eagles actually are in Super Bowl LII, facing the heavily favored New England Patriots.

For the record, the winner of Wing Bowl 26, professional competitive eater Molly Schuyler, devoured 501 chicken wings, beating the next-closest competitor by more than 100 wings.

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