UFC 154 concluded with a candidate for Fight of the Year in the headliner with Georges St-Pierre facing off against Carlos Condit to unify the Welterweight Championship. We cover all of the action from the Facebook card to the FX card to the PPV card in full detail on who won, how they won, and what it means for each fighter and division.

There were numerous things at stake for Georges St-Pierre in this fight, including a potential super fight with P4P King Anderson Silva, but perhaps more immediate was effect a win or a loss would have on the trajectory of his legacy. He has already established himself as the greatest Welterweight in history by surpassing the achievements of Matt Hughes, but if GSP lost against his toughest challenger to date in Carlos Condit, it might signal that his prime was over, that the knee injury would change him as a fighter without the same explosion and speed. If he won, then GSP could be set to go on a run after the age of 30 comparable to the Spider himself.

St-Pierre sensed this intersection with destiny. He was nervous during the walk-out and candidly open at the post fight presser. He even had his parents join him in the octagon after the fight. In addition, the Kampmann-Hendricks fight was ostensibly for the #1 contender’s spot for a chance at the Welterweight title after GSP returns.

Finally, we announce the winner of the CRI pick-em contest for UFC 154 as well as continue to ask for your help in naming our MMA podcast.

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This article was first posted on November 19, 2012