UFC's Khabib Nurmagomedov Teases WWE Interest

Controversial MMA star to swap Octagon for Squared Circle?

Khabib Brock Lesnar

Just six days after sending the entire combat sports world into meltdown with the chaotic scenes that followed his UFC229 headliner against Conor McGregor, Khabib Nurmagomedov has today drawn WWE into his orbit with a contentious tweet about another potentially devisive leap out of the Octagon.

'The Eagle of Dagestan' set tongues wagging yet again with the below remark on a potential switch:

It was tricky to parse if Nurmagomedov was implying that WWE had reached out, or if he was merely hypothesising how things would go if he did make the same trip recently taken by Ronda Rousey, Shayna Baszler et al.

No stranger to the latter element of Sports Entertainment - as evidenced by his deft touch as a fight salesman either side of the ugly brawl he triggered following his fourth round victory over McGregor - Khabib may have no choice to look for alternative employment after the Nevada State Athletic Commission suspensions of both fighters were confirmed today. Khabib has this week publicly threatened to quit the company if UFC choose to sack his teammate too.

Nurmagomedov apologised following an incident in which he exited the Octagon in an apparent effort to attack Conor's coaching team and associates, citing pre-fight comments from McGregor regarding his "religion...country [and] father". Worked into a shoot by McGregor's mouth, Khabib can console himself with a multi-million dollar rematch against the Irish star assuming all punishments aren't permanent.

The pointed #FakeFights remark won't endear him to WWE fans, followers and ex-colleagues, but the #SmashLesnar one immediately sent Twitter followers below the line into a frenzy about the ludicrous potential showdowns on offer should Khabib, Conor and others potentially consider Stamford as an option away from the Dana White territory.

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