WWE Targeting Serena Williams?!

The company want big-name signings in the women's division.

Serena Williams

23-time Grand Slam tennis champion Serena Williams is allegedly on WWE's radar, according to reports.

The company's chief brand officer Stephanie McMahon apparently thinks Williams is "awesome" and would be a welcome addition to their roster. Speaking from WWE's New York office, McMahon revealed to Gary Stonehouse of The Sun that Serena would be her ideal signing.

Arguably the most famous athlete in her sport, and the greatest female tennis player ever, Williams would be another big-name signing as WWE look to revamp it's women's division. Furthermore, just like Ronda Rousey, she would bring a set fanbase and potentially new eyes to the product.

The catalyst for such a ground-breaking move has to be the success former UFC world champion Rousey has had in her brief WWE tenure. Alongside making a huge impact in her debut match at WrestleMania and claiming the RAW Women's Championship against Alexa Bliss at SummerSlam, Rousey has transitioned seamlessly into the world of sports entertainment.

She is a huge fan favourite, grabs headlines whenever she makes an appearance, and is an integral part of the evolution of women's wrestling.

If Rousey can have such success in less than a year with WWE, who's to say Serena Williams can't do the same once she puts down the racket for good?

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