In recent years, so many people have converted their viewing time from their TVs to their computers and smart phones which has paved the way for “Youtubers” to become stars. There is a vast array of Youtube channels – from comedy to politics, there is something for everyone.

But with such a large choice it can at times be hard to find channels that are really worth subscribing to. We have put together a list of channels that are sure to keep you engrossed. Whether they be filled with nonsensical froth that you can’t help but validate due to its comedic value, or be it a channel that is genuinely entertaining or informative, we’ve got ‘em covered.


5. Shoenice22

And we begin with the aforementioned nonsensical froth. This is without doubt a man you want to be subscribed to if you enjoy watching ridiculous things on the internet. “Shoenice” uses his abnormally tolerant stomach to inhale anything that his adoring fans ask of him. Glue, toilet paper, obscene quantities of alcohol and tampons are just a few oddities the middle-aged American has consumed on camera.

After his stunt of drinking three bottles of beer with no hands in 37 seconds went viral, Shoenice went from strength to strength with the Youtuber’s various other drinking stunts receiving millions of views. Although this self confessed lover of  marijuana’s morals are questionable you are sure to be thoroughly entertained by his videos.

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This article was first posted on February 13, 2013