10 Hidden Details You Never Noticed In Famous Paintings

Blink and you'll miss them, squint and you'll catch them.
By Wesley Cunningham-Burns

New Halo Wars 2 Posters Are Awesome

Six beautiful works of art were commissioned by Microsoft. Details on how you can own them.
By Tom Orry

Euro 2012: England Grit Celebrated

Awesome minimalist artwork celebrates iconic image of English football history.
By Simon Gallagher

Artist Nick Gentry Turns Floppy Disks Into Art

One London based artist has found a use for Floppy Disks and it has turned him from novelty to a world-renowned, sought after artist.…
By Amarpal Biring


Scribblenauts is easily the best example to date of creativity within a game environment, giving players the tools that are only limited by their own imagination.…
By Robert Nichol

Art Perspective: QWOP

Dr. Bennett Foddy teaches bioethics at Oxford during the day and makes brilliantly simple yet progressive and thought provoking game in his spare time. Through his website; the doctor releases free to play flash games that are unlike any other.…
By Robert Nichol