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10 TV Shows Which Completely Changed Their Premise

For better or for worse.

2 Mar 2014 Grace Murray

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8 Silly TV Plot Conveniences Made Possible By Utterly Stupid Writing

Can you feel the awkward desperation? In these cases, TV audiences certainly could.

23 Jan 2014 Charlie Oldfield

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8 Most Cowardly Times TV Writers Copped Out

Written yourself into a hole? Why not troll the audience on your way out?

7 Jan 2014 Edward Owen

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10 TV Fan Favourites Who Suffered Shockingly Brutal Deaths

Because TV writers hate you, and want to make you horribly aware of that fact.

3 Jan 2014 Audrey Fox

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TV Review: Being Human 4.8, 'The War Child'

So there it goes for another year, no sooner do our favourite gang of supernatural friends return to our screens they’re gone.

26 Mar 2012 Chris Suffield

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TV Review: Being Human 4.7, 'Making History'

For the penultimate episode in the series things take a darker turn for our supernatural housemates.

19 Mar 2012 Chris Suffield

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TV Review: Being Human 4.6, "Puppy Love"

Being Human has always been laced with humour, some has been darkly funny but there's never been an episode played almost entirely for laughs before.

12 Mar 2012 Chris Suffield

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TV Review: Being Human 4.5 'Hold The Front Page'

Episode five sees our supernatural housemates on lock down in the hotel.

6 Mar 2012 Chris Suffield

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TV Review: Being Human 4.4, 'A Spectre Calls'

This was a Annie focused episode that showed off her new power...

29 Feb 2012 Chris Suffield