10 Actors Who Left Hit TV Shows And Then Came Back

They always come crawling back...


The dance between a successful television show and an even more successful actor is a tale as old as time. As the show grows more popular, it inevitably generates breakout stars. Those stars then begin to accept roles in other shows or films and begin to think that maybe they don't need the show after all, so they leave.

Then, either the show falls apart and begs the star to return, or the star's career turns out to not be so hot and they come slinking back for some extra cash. The recently confirmed news of Jon Bernthal returning to The Walking Dead for an episode is a clear case of the former. The news that Andrew Lincoln plans to depart soon? That could lead to a clear case of the latter.

So with that in mind, let's take a look at the most infamous cases of an actor leaving and subsequently returning to a series in television history. Because writing a character out of a narrative is easy, but writing someone back in to a narrative is a whole other story

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