10 Actors You Won't Believe Were Nearly Cast In Friends

Try imagining Friends with these actors in the main roles instead (all of whom were considered). Stop! It's making our brains hurt!

Most of us have probably spent so much time hanging out with the friends in Friends, that we kind of feel like they're our pals in real life (even though you've always been separated by a screen, you can't deny the love). Likelihood is, though, that you would know exactly what to say if you ever bumped into Rachel or Chandler or Phoebe or Joey in the real world, because you've sat staring at them for an uncountable amount of hours for the last 20 years (seriously, working out all the hours this generation has spent watching Friends would be embarrassing - and terrifying). So although we know that Courtney Cox plays Monica and David Schwimmer plays Ross, we also kind of don't know that at all, in the sense that these "characters" genuinely feel like real people to fans of the show. If Matt LeBlanc came up to you on the street, you'd probably call him "Joey." Now prepare to feel weird as you imagine that, once upon a time, these characters could have been played by... YES: DIFFERENT ACTORS ENTIRELY. Okay, take a deep breath for a second and relax. Remember - it didn't happen. That's the main thing to consider right now, all right? But it could have. Seriously. Because the actors who were eventually cast in these beloved roles didn't always have dibs on the parts. The producers considered other people. People you know from other shows and everything. People you like, even. People such as...

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