10 Changes WWE Should Make To SmackDown Live On FOX

SmackDown should get a new edge now that it's in the Fox's box.


Well, Vince McMahon isn't going to be hurting for money anytime soon. As reported by outside sources months ago, and officially confirmed by both parties in recent weeks, WWE and FOX have agreed to air SmackDown Live on the latter's network starting in October of 2019. The deal is set to make WWE a cool $1 billion over five years, and combined with a similar deal they've made with NBC to keep RAW on the USA Network, WWE have planted a flag in the sand with a middle finger to anyone who said their terrible creative decisions were killing the company. They've won. Neener-neener.

WWE were swayed to join Rupert Murdoch's media family on the promise that SmackDown and the WWE brand would be heavily promoted on FOX, particularly as part of the network's Thursday and Sunday NFL broadcasts. Access to such a huge audience would be enticing to WWE, but it raises an interesting point: WWE would then become part of the Fox Sports brand.

Now obviously, WWE is entertainment first and foremost, but if SmackDown is part of a sports network with such a huge audience, here's some nifty tweaks they can make to the show to make it feel more at home.


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