Ladies and Gentlemen, Hell has frozen over. Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome is finally airing on the SyFy channel on February 10th, after having an initial run on Machinima Prime’s YouTube Channel. As most of you may know, but for those of you who don’t, this pilot was filmed by the SyFy channel after deciding to (prematurely) cancel Caprica.

Still wanting to keep the legend going, the new prequel dealing with Admiral Adama’s days as a hot shot fighter pilot during the first Cylon War. Yes, yes I know; we saw that in the webisode series coinciding with Razor, but still…it sounded pretty awesome.

However, it got to be too long before people realized that there had been little to no talk about the actual fate of the project, that was already known to be filmed and finished. March 2012, fans were finally notified that SyFy was pulling the plug on the prequel series, but planning on airing the film. November 2012: SyFy announced that they weren’t even going to air the Pilot, and instead they were going to shift the project to an Internet airing.

Finally, due to either strong viewing numbers on Machinima Prime and/or fan demand, the Pilot will be airing on SyFy and will also have a Blu Ray/DVD release of the “Unrated” version of the show. Once more, hard work and perseverance worked for us geeks!

Which just brings us to the question of what other failed TV pilots are out there that we could possibly resurrect? What oddities, curiousities, and plain old fan pleasers can we bring into the fold; after being binned unjustly (or justly, but still remaining as a morbid curio)? 10 of them are about to be listed: some are interesting, some are better off dead, and a couple of them are US remakes of UK favorites. All of them have fallen into Internet lore, destined to be obscure footnotes in interviews, fan blogs, and footnotes on Wikipedia.

Let’s dial into what our previously scheduled program might have been, shall we?

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This article was first posted on February 6, 2013