10 Fates We Can't Wait To See In Sons of Anarchy's Final Season

Another month down, another month closer to Sons of Anarchy’s final ride.

FXFXAnother month down, another month closer to Sons of Anarchy€™s final ride. Throughout the six seasons under its belt, fans have fallen in love with a number of characters, from the Sons themselves to their friends, family and foes alike. After the massive, game-changing doozy of the season six finale bound to leave the lives of every character spinning in new directions for the final season, it€™s hard not to wonder who's going to be left standing by the end of the series€™ run and under what circumstances. As creator Kurt Sutter has proven, he€™s not afraid to even kill himself off the show let alone anyone else and his looming promise of the show ending in a pool of blood has left fans both excited and terrified for what's to come. With the premiere of the show€™s final season drawing closer and endless possibilities ahead for what's to come, let's take a look at ten characters' fates we€™re most looking forward to see come to a conclusion. Be warned, though, because some massive spoilers for the series are inbound...

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