10 Most Disappointing TV Shows Of 2017

2. Star Trek: Discovery

Star Trek Discovery Sonequa Martin-Green

The first new Star Trek series in over a decade, Discovery had a bumpy road to the small screen. There were a number of delays, and the unfortunate departure of creator Bryan Fuller, but there was still a lot of excitement before it aired on CBS (later moving to All Access).

The show does boast some strong visuals, and there were some hints of potential with its characters and plot in the first episode, but sadly they were never fully built upon.

Discovery attempts to do something different with the Trek mythos, not just in having a protagonist who isn't a captain, but one who commits treason, and is decidedly darker than we're used to from the franchise.

It's just not that it 'isn't Star Trek' though, because judged on its own terms there's little excitement to the plot, some cliche stock characters (most egregiously the odd couple pairing of Michael and Tilly), an unlikable lead, and some horribly clunky dialogue.

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