10 Most Emotional Community Moments

Community was cool, cool cool cool, but it also made you cry, cry cry cry.


Community was a show a little under appreciated during its original run, although it’s since found a much bigger audience now that it’s available for streaming instead of being bounced from time slot to time slot and network to network.

One of the most talented ensembles ever assembled, many on the show have become genuine super stars. It helped launched Ken Jeong’s career, Jim Rash won an Oscar for Adapted Screenplay, Donald Glover became Childish Gambino, Dan Harmon moved onto Rick & Morty, and the Russo Brothers joined the MCU.

That’s not even all of them, either.

With so much talent there, it shouldn’t be a surprise that the show nailed the storytelling as much as it did the gags. It was crammed with emotional moments, tugging at your heartstrings any which way it could.

Despite some changes to the cast throughout and behind-the-scenes drama, the show retained a remarkable consistency throughout. Because it was prepared to delve beneath the surface, we connected with the characters so much more. It’s a trick Harmon repeated with Rick & Morty, and it worked brilliantly in this live-action (mostly) effort too.

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