10 Most Hated TV Finales Of All Time

The television equivalent of the Darwin Awards.

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It never used to be like this. In the days before the internet, when dinosaurs walked the earth, event television was referred to as ‘watercooler moments’ - those episodes that people talked about on their break at work the next day.

When a well-loved - or, at least, well-known - TV series finally came to an exciting conclusion, that would become a definitive watercooler moment for a generation. The tearful finale of M*A*S*H, the Last Newhart, the baffling final episode of St. Elsewhere… but no one really talked about the endings they hated.

That’s something that’s arisen with the ubiquity of the internet and, to a certain extent, smartphones and social media. These days, if you want to complain about something you hate, truly rip it a new one, there’s a dozen conversations to be had on Twitter, a ranting status on Facebook, a sub on Reddit, or any one of a hundred other outlets for your rage… and those rants, those rages form consensus, create a nearly unanimous agreement about that thing you all hated so very, very much.

From the television shows that died an anticlimactic death, to the programmes that violently zigged when they should have zagged, these are the series finales everyone loves to hate.

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