10 Most Irredeemably Evil Villains In TV History

10. The Governor - The Walking Dead


Though not quite the monster his comic book counterpart was, AMC's small screen take on the Governor (David Morrissey) still stands out as a particularly nasty piece of work. 

Initially charming when first encountered by Andrea and Michonne, as we get to know the leader of Woodbury a bit better the cracks begin to show; and pretty soon it's all heads in jars and zombified daughters. Before the walker apocalypse there's a chance Brian Blake was a decent bloke, but honestly, when you take his actions in the show into account it's just as likely he was always at least a few sandwiches short of a picnic. After various beatings, murders, attempted rapes and biting off of fingers; the Governor's tour of evil culminates with the massacre of his own people. 

Then, some redemption for the character is actually teased when the Gov gets himself a new family - but it's not long until his desire for revenge costs him, and more importantly most of their lives. 

A heinous villain for sure, but you ain't seen nothing yet...


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