10 Once-Lovable TV Characters Who Became Completely Repulsive

1. Andy Bernard (The Office)


Once Steve Carrell left The Office, it created a gigantic hole in the ensemble. A hole that the writers desperately tried to fill with every quick fix they could think of, including a bevy of temporary managers. One of those makeshift managers was Andy Bernard, the Cornell alum with a preference for pastel slacks and a residual anger problem.

Making Andy the acting manager wasn't necessarily a bad idea, but trying to make him a more dick-ish version of Michael Scott definitely was. Because no one can do what Steve Carrell did with that character. Nobody. And it became painfully obvious early on in Andy's tenure as bossman that the writer's room was unwilling to let go of all that leftover material they'd written for Michael.

The solution? Make Ed Helms mimic that same style of awful, awkward, clueless dialogue. But without any of the innocence and buffoonish charm that made it palatable coming from Carrell.

Matters became worse when Helms had to take some time off to film another insufferable Hangover movie, and the writers wrote him off the show temporarily via an impromptu sailing trip with his brother. When he came back weeks later, he transformed into Mega Douche, acting cruelly and intolerable in every single scene for no apparent reason.

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