10 Reasons Why South Park is Better Than The Simpsons

And if you disagree, I'll kick you in the nuts!

It€™s a debate that€™s lasted almost as long as the show itself: which is better, South Park or The Simpsons? Of course, The Simpsons is the original animated sitcom, and for that reason I imagine some will argue that it€™s the best; after all, can a cover version ever be as good as the original? Well, contrary to popular belief, I say a cover version can sometimes be superior, and South Park, despite being a new kid on the block while The Simpsons was in full bloom, has gone on to out-evolve its biggest competitor. It wasn€™t always the case; in those first few seasons, when Matt and Trey were still finding their footing, South Park didn€™t represent much of a threat to the Simpson€™s throne. But that was then; this is now. Over a fourteen year life-span, South Park has turned into a very different beast than it once was. While we€™re still privy to as much filthy, offensive, scatological humour as we ever were there€™s more to the whole experience now. The characters have grown, the world has become more in-depth and complex and the storylines have become much more sophisticated in their design. It€™s grown up, but it€™s managed to keep that same sense of humour that got us hooked as teenagers. Without a doubt, South Park is better than any other animated TV sitcom and that includes The Simpsons. And here are ten of the reason why we think you should agree.

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