10 Scariest X-Files Episodes Of All Time

9. Die Hand Die Verletzt - Season 2, Episode 14

Die Hand Die Verletzt X-Files

How do you follow an creepy episode about a death fetishist who works in a funeral home? With an even creepier episode about a satanic cult of teachers targeting school kids, of course. Die Hand Die Verletzt (German for 'The Hand That Wounds') continued a great run of season 2 creepiness.

The pre-credit scene falsely lulls viewers into a false sense of security and begins almost comically with a scene of the PTC standing in a circle and reciting satanic prayers. From there, however, the mood gets progressively darker. Story wise, it's not the strongest, but it's the tone that carries the episode and gives you the chills.

Most of those chills come courtesy of Mrs Paddock, the literal substitute teacher from hell who keeps a human heart and eyes in her desk drawer. And voodoo. Voodoo can be very hokey at times but the X-Files always managed to give it a sense of real menace.

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