10 Scenes To Remind Us Why We Love The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air

Now this is an article all about how The Fresh Prince turned our lives upside down Now if you’d like…

Barry Marshall



Now this is an article all about how

The Fresh Prince turned our lives upside down

Now if you’d like to take a minute and just sit right there

I’ll tell you all about the top moments in Bel Air.


Sorry. But points for trying, surely?

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In May this year, Will Smith delighted audiences yet again with a Fresh Prince reunion on The Graham Norton Show. The 18,488,325 views (and counting) on YouTube proves that The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air really was a much treasured and loved show for many, even 17 years after the show aired its last episode. Not many television shows can say that about themselves. I’m not claiming that The Fresh Prince was the perfect show (what is?) but what  it certainly is a little nostalgic pop culture gem from 80’s and 90’s that we all remember fondly and look back upon with a smile. Whether you were young or old, at some point you will have seen this show, proving it bridged all generations, races and cultures.

There will always be people ready to criticise this show but if you just take it for what it is and don’t try and think too deeply about it then you’ll realise that it’s capable of comedy gold. Like with most good comedy shows, The Fresh Prince was also able to operate on a deeper level too. The series often touched upon social concerns such as drugs, racism and poverty and could make you think a lot longer after the final credits rolled than a lot of other shows that aired around this time.

I’ve tried to come up with a number of different scenes that show the strongest aspects of the comedy, and exemplify best why it is so fondly remembered today. While there isn’t a Carlton Dance in sight-we all know and love Alfonso Ribeiro busting moves to Tom Jones, but it seemed too easy to include it here-there are plenty are plenty of big laughs and moments of surprising drama to discuss. Feel free, as ever, to share your own thoughts in the comment section at the end of the article.