10 Terrible Glee Musical Numbers

I have made absolutely no secret of my love for this TV show in my previous posts (check them out…

Daniel Bowen


I have made absolutely no secret of my love for this TV show in my previous posts (check them out if you already haven’t) but even as a massive “Gleek” (I guess, though I hate the word) I don’t love anything unconditionally, and I am more than happy to critique this show all day long. That said, I do love the show a great deal more than I hate it (I don’t hate it at all) … though if you do hate this show, this list will only add fuel to your burning fire of hatred.

I am also not the type of person who would ever argue that Glee musical covers have the power to ruin the originals. I believe any one who thinks a cover of a great song can actually ruin that song is a little strange, and any one who doesn’t watch Glee because they believe Glee ruins songs are too insecure and too protective of their precious precious music. You wouldn’t refuse to go to a Karaoke bar because you didn’t want to hear people “ruin” your favorite songs, and it is the same with watching Glee. Glee isn’t trying to replace great bands and artists and most, if not all of the time, Glee covers are done out of respect for the artist and band. Added to this the fact that Glee covers really good bands that most Top 40 teenagers will never have heard of, and after they cover a band it is often the original song they cover that charts higher on iTunes than the Glee cover itself.

Plus, if you claim to love music you really shouldn’t be able to deny not only the talent of most of the cast members- honestly, Lea Michele and Amber Riley in particular have almost unmatchable amazing voices you should be in awe of… but you also shouldn’t be able to deny that on many many occasions Glee covers are actually arranged fairly well and sound pretty great. This however is not that list. Because, although I like Glee covers 70 percent of the time, the other 30 percent not so much.

This is my Top 10 list of the covers I loathed. Press “Next” to start with the 10th worst Glee cover…