10 Things We Learned From Twin Peaks: The Return Part 13

Is it future, or is it past?


And nothing will proceed linearly.

Sheriff Frank Truman, Deputy Hawk and Bobby Briggs first learnt of Jack Rabbit's Place - the destination of Major Briggs' posthumous message - in Part 9. They were told to go there in two days' time. Since that message was received, several more suns than that have set, triggering concerns of a lackadaisical grasp of chronology and continuity.

Part 13 confirmed that certain scenes have been purposefully edited in non-linear fashion. Bobby Briggs, in a subverted scene from the pilot (a recurring motif), cordially confirms to a returning Big Ed Hurley that he received said message "earlier today" - placing the sequence before his later gunshot investigation in Part 11. We know that this was done so by design rather than accident - dialogue is surely a safeguard against such errors, you would hope.

The purpose of this approach is unknown. Perhaps - and this is a strange suggestion, given Lynch's steadfast insistence that this is not strictly an episodic television show - he felt the chronology was incidental, instead opting to position scenes via thematic resonance in order to imbue each Part with a standalone identity.

Or - given the delayed and looped usage of time in two phenomenal scenes of a phenomenal hour - the effect is meant to disorient, in order to serve an as-yet-elusive time fracture...


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