10 Things You Didn't Know About Melissa Benoist

4. Sisterly Bond

Kara and Alex Danvers might be sisters from different planets, but they clearly have a strong bond on Supergirl. As it turns out, that's pretty easy for the two actresses to get across on screen. She comes from a mighty big family, and is used to siblings, with two biological sisters (Jessica and Kristina), and five half-siblings from her father's second marriage (Tanner, Estella, Coco, Rocket, and Tor - I'm going to guess three sisters and two brothers?). She's also happily admitted that Chyler Leigh is the cast member she is closest to, and the one she most enjoys working with. She said: "She€™s my favourite person to do scenes with. I€™m not ashamed to say that, and I€™m sorry to everyone else. I love working with Chyler and it really is this unbreakable bond already. We have to be that way in order for anyone to feel anything from those scenes. It€™s such an important thing, that sisterhood."
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