10 Things You Need To Know About Twin Peaks: The Return

It is happening again.

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It is happening again.

David Lynch confirmed years ago that Twin Peaks, the revolutionary blueprint for the prestige drama era in which we live, was as dead as a doornail. Happily, he has changed his mind. Or was lying. With him, it is invariably difficult to tell.

The show as it existed in its original, network television format centred around the brutal killing of homecoming queen Laura Palmer. Special Agent Dale Cooper was despatched to investigate under gloomy skies, which receded as he fell in love with the quaint Pacific Northwestern town and its denizens. The first season was a critical and commercial sensation - an immersive fusion of disparate genres underpinned with a beguiling central mystery and inimitable atmosphere, at once maudlin and eerie.

In the pulsating, batsh*t insane finale, David Lynch restored what was a sinking second season to unimpeachable greatness - but it was too late. Viewers, the Network, the cast, Lynch himself - all lost interest after the forced midpoint resolution of the Laura Palmer whodunnit.

But, it is happening again. Lynch and co-creator Mark Frost have full creative control over a series already in the can, broadcast by a premium cable network unable (and unwilling) to interfere in Lynch's free-form creative process. It is said, by a key cast member, to be "earth-shattering"...

Spoiler Warning: Details of the original series are contained herein.

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