10 Times The X-Files Mythology Confused Fans

The Truth Is Out There.... and it's more confusing than you ever thought possible.


For a series devoted to finding the truth, The X-Files mythology had more than its fair share of deceptive twists and turns over the course of twelve seasons. Early episodes were open-ended, meaning viewers had to wait for a resolution. It was confusing but in a good way.

Things got muddled as the seasons went by, perhaps because creator Chris Carter refused to keep an internal bible. And that meant that the mythology folded in on itself and the confusing nature of the show changed from the good kind to the bad.

10. The Black Oil’s Inconsistent Behaviour


In the X-Files series three classic, Piper Maru, viewers were introduced to the black oil; an alien goo capable of infecting humans and controlling their actions. Alex Krycek learned this the hard way when the oil jumped into his body and used him to help locate a spacecraft.

But Wait...

Fast forward to the X-Files movie and the black oil was unrecognizable. This time the goo was revealed to be alien blood and it didn’t control a host this time; it drained their life energy instead, growing an alien inside them in the process.

Making things even more confusing, the black oil flipped back to its original state in season eight.

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