10 TV Plot Threads That Were Never Resolved

1. Um... What Happened In General? - Lost

Lost Ending Jack Death

Generally speaking,Lost gets a bad wrap for being the king of unresolved plot threads, and that's mainly because - whatever way you look at it - there are around eighty-six million of them that have been left hanging out to dry. Whether or not several of these have been "resolved" in official books and media outside of the TV show is of no real meaning: the TV show is the definite entity, and people shouldn't have to pay to find out what really happened in a show they've been watching for six years.

That said, Lost is still a great show - it's a wonderful hybrid of several genres and there are some seriously brilliant episodes amidst its six long seasons. Saying that, the writers wrote themselves into corners on so many occasions, it's difficult not to look at the show as one huge, stinkin' mess. At one point, Lost became "that show that answers questions with even more questions," and even when the writers did attempt to explain certain hanging plot threads, the answers were never really satisfying or clever.

So Lost... uh... "lost" much of its audience as the show went on, because nobody wants to watch a show that makes you feel like the writers are constantly winging it: it's just not fair. Whether you feel like the show did a good job in ultimately explaining the show's events, the simple fact remains: Lost is one big plot thread in itself. And to name just a few of those: What was the "Tampa Job"? What was going on with Walt the whole time? Why was Libby in a mental hospital? What was the island's glowing light hole all about?

If you can get past the fact that the show will never really give you the answers that you want ("good" answers, at least), then there's much to enjoy. But if you like your television "explained" and structured with even the slightest sense of coherency, Lost will likely drive you out of your mind.

Which unresolved plot threads have we missed? Let us know in the comments section below.

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