10 TV Shows That Were Doomed From The Start

10. Baywatch Nights

Baywatch Nights
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To say that Baywatch Nights, spin-off to the successful series about scantily-clad lifeguards, was an error in judgement is a contender for the understatement of the millennium.

A detective show starring David Hasselhoff€™s lifeguard Mitch Buchannan and one of the minor characters from its parent show, a police officer turned private investigator, each episode would feature a Magnum PI-style plot in the hours after Buchannan€™s day job had finished.

The two weren'€™t the most charismatic of frontmen for a show like that: worse, however, was that Hasselhoff was pretty much the only thing that the spin-off had in common with Baywatch apart from the title, and very few people have ever admitted to only watching Baywatch because David Hasselhoff was in it. He is absolutely not that show€™'s selling point.

The first season saw craptastic ratings, and in order to save it from extinction a new game plan was required. It was decided to completely revamp the feel of the show and have it become an occult investigation show from the beginning of the second season, with very little warning or explanation. The sudden dramatic change in vibe and raison d€™être alienated the few fans that Baywatch Nights actually had, and it didn€™t make it to a third season.

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