10 Voice Actors You Probably Didn't Notice In Live Action Roles

Wait, I know that voice...

The world loves actors -- we follow them on Twitter, tune in to award shows to watch them out of character, and follow their everyday lives in magazines and on the Internet -- but not all actors get the attention they deserve. Take voice actors for example, and we're not talking about the likes of Tom Hanks in Toy Story or Nicolas Cage in The Croods, who are hired primarily for their star appeal more so than their ability to bring a character to life. No, we're talking about actual full time voice actors, most of whom have voiced a character in the animated shows and video games we watch and play on a daily basis, and who most of us aren't really aware of. When we hear Woody in Toy Story, we hear Tom Hanks (no matter how good his performance is), it's obvious that it's Seth Rogen as B.O.B in Monsters vs. Aliens, and the majority of feature length animated movies are full of A-list celebrities, which is strange when there is a huge pool of actual actors who voice characters for a living and are experts at bringing them to life. Jim Cummings isn't an A-list celeb, but almost all of us would have heard his voice in something over the last 30 years; be it as Winnie the Pooh, the Tasmanian Devil, Darkwing Duck or even Urdnot Wreav in Mass Effect 2. This is because that's his job: to bring the character to life so that we believe it and don't think about the actor as much as we do when we hear Brad Pitt as Metro Man in Megamind. These actors are extremely talented, so much so that most fly under the celeb radar and don't have the star appeal for the new Dreamworks feature. Cummings, like many other voice actors have stayed behind the microphone, but others, such as Adventure Time Jake's John DiMaggio, have stepped in front of the camera and you probably saw them without realising it. Here are ten of them:

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