10 Voice Actors You Probably Didn't Notice In Live Action Roles

6. John DiMaggio - Modern Family

John DiMaggioNotable Roles: Jake (Adventure Time), Bender (Futurama), Marcus Fenix (Gears of War), Dr Drakken (Kim Possible), Aquaman (Batman: The Brave and the Bold), Gonza (Princess Mononoke), The Joker (Batman: Under the Red Hood). You want to talk about distinctive voices, then they don't come any more so than John DiMaggio, most famously known as the voice of foul mouthed robot Bender in Futurama, Jake the dog in Adventure Time, and Marcus Fenix in the Gears of War series. He even had the unenviable task of voicing the Joker in Batman: Under the Red Hood and somehow made it his own despite Mark Hamill being so synonymous with the role. DiMaggio is a larger than life persona away from the voice booth too, so it's a bit surprising to discover that his live action appearances have been minimal at best. Did you know he can beatbox? Why hasn't someone filmed that? Still, he has made blink-and-you-miss-it cameos in a number of popular TV shows such as My Name is Earl, Without a Trace, and most recently in the third season of Modern Family, where he played a ship captain on Leap Day and felt the wrath of Sofia Vergara. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xivQ6_gu3W8 However, DiMaggio is very prominent in a documentary he executive produced called I Know This Voice, which discusses the art of voice acting and includes the majority of the actors on this list.

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