10 Worst Friends Episodes (According To IMDb)

The Ones That You Can Probably Skip...


Could Friends BE any more impactful? It's hard not to enjoy a show like Friends. The hit show from the 90s has a charm which never ends. From adults watching the reruns on TV to teenagers binge-watching on Netflix, there's no smart device that remains untouched by Friends. The six of our best friends have stuck to us like glue (or like Ross's leather pants) and we're not complaining.

The monumental show influenced the way people dressed, styled their hair and even spoke (How you doin'?). Over the course of 10 years, Friends produced countless classic episodes but even the greatest sitcoms occasionally have an off-day. There were a ton of unnecessary plots and absurd episodes leading to countless dull moments featuring Monica, Rachel, Phoebe, Chandler, Joey, and Ross.

And luckily for anyone looking for the episodes to skip, IMDB's fan-led ratings system is about the best way to track the reviews that tend to matter most to fans. So which ones came out bottom of that particular pile?

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