12 Problems With Every Marvel Netflix Show

They were doomed from the beginning.

Defenders Failed

RIP the Marvel Netflix Universe, we hardly knew ye.

With the recent news that both Jessica Jones and The Punisher are cancelled, the final nail has effectively been hammered into the coffin of Netflix and Marvel Studios' collaboration as part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

And though the partnership certainly had its highs across seasons of Daredevil and Jessica Jones in particular, as a whole it can't help but feel like an undercooked experiment that never got close to realising its full potential.

And worse still, fans have been raising most of the nagging issues for years, yet the shows have mostly done little to remedy them - with Daredevil's strong recent third season serving as the outlier.

Had the shows adopted a "less is more" approach to concise, artful storytelling, then the Netflix MCU could've been a fantastic peripheral component to the wider movie world. Instead, it mostly feels like a bit of an inconvenience, an also-ran that the mainline MCU is just a bit embarrassed of.

And so, read on as we detail the ins-and-outs of how all that brilliant potential amounted to so little...

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