13 Reasons Why Season 2: 13 Questions We Need Answers To

12. What Will Hannah's Parents Do After Hearing The Tapes?

13 Reasons Why Hannah's Parents

Mr Porter's not the only ones to get the tapes at the very end of the season though, as Hannah's parents - played by Kate Walsh and Brian d'Arcy James - are given copies of them by Tony.

Their part was perhaps downplayed too much in Season 1, with the focus more on the school kids, but they should have a greater role in a second season with an impending court case and the fact they have the tapes. We know they listened to the opening of tape 1, but did they go on to listen to all of them, and the many horrific things their dead daughter describes? And if so, how will that impact them, and just what will they do with them after? Will be they prepared to submit them as evidence?


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