15 Best The Big Bang Theory Episodes

When it premiered in 2007 the creators and writers Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady had no idea what a massive…

Joe Davison


When it premiered in 2007 the creators and writers Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady had no idea what a massive hit The Big Bang Theory would be or the cultural effect it would have on the world. Without a doubt The Big Bang Theory has exceeded expectations in all areas. The show has managed to create a niche for itself in a very competitive world of TV shows by using a concept that is relatively unique, a wonderful cast and hilarious scripts. The Big Bang Theory is also incredibly scientifically accurate, more than once I have looked up something said on the show out of interest and found it to be not only true but incredibly complex.

One of the main things the show has that others don’t is the character Sheldon Cooper, arguably the protagonist. Sheldon is a unique character in that the writers can use him as a blank canvass of ideas. By that I mean the character is so odd and different to most normal people that they use him in any way they like; and they do. He is a genius, who is incredibly naive and somewhat childlike, meaning he can be used to deliver jokes that could not be used in any other TV character. I mean could you see any normal character swimming round a child’s ball pit shouting “bazinga!”? Or refer to his friends as C-men as a parody of the X-men with such sincerity as it is said by Sheldon? And with Sheldon supported by a cast of hilarious characters played by great actors makes for a show of the very highest quality.

As a result of all of this the show has gained a massive following over the 6 years it has been on our TV’s, and as such the show has a massive pull to celebrities for guest appearances. The show has featured: Stephen Hawking, Stan Lee, Leonard Nimoy, Charlie Sheen and Summer Glau to name but a few.

Since the first episode which aired September, 2007 there have been 139 episodes. Here are my top 15 episodes from the last 7 seasons: