15 Best TV Moments Of 2017

15. Bilquis - American Gods

American Gods Bilquis

American Gods had an array of weird, wonderful, and WTF moments, from Easter displaying her full power to the various appearances of Gillian Anderson's Media. But right back in the first episode came arguably the most shocking of the lot, and one that really set the tone for this brilliant, bonkers series.

The setup couldn't be more standard: a man flirts with a woman at a bar, they end up in a bedroom, prepare to bump uglies, and then the woman's vagina starts consuming the man. Wait, what?

It was a hell of a thing to include in the first episode - heck, any episode - and yet Gods, er, pulled it off, in a sex scene unlike any other on TV. This wasn't just about sexuality, but power and faith (and how those three things intertwine). The use of red is marvellously evocative - and vintage Bryan Fuller - and along with the sheer ecstasy on the face of Yetide Badaki's Bilquis - and, well, the act itself - leaves an unforgettable impression upon the viewer.

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