While not all of the American populace purports to always understand British humor, it’s been an indelible part of the cultural landscape for decades. Whether the sophisticated stylings of Noel Coward or the outrageous offerings of French & Saunders, British television comedies (aka Britcoms) have provided countless hours of entertainment to legions of fans, and have even occasionally been adapted into historic mega-smashes (without ‘Til Death Us Do Part and Man About the House, we’d never have seen the likes of All in the Family and Three’s Company, after all). Fifteen of those shows will always immediately spring to mind and provide copious memories of cherished moments in front of the tube (or the telly, as it were).

15. To the Manor Born (1979-81)

Formulaic though it may have been (widowed aristocrat gives up ancestral estate after purchase by a supermarket magnate of Bratislavic descent, and moves with butler to a smaller house on the property), this show was a never-ending feel-good trip through a slice of picturesque British countryside in the dawn of Margaret Thatcherdom and Sloane Rangers. Penelope Keith always proved resplendent in the role of Audrey fforbes-Hamilton as did Peter Bowles as Richard DeVere (ne Bedriech Poulouvitska), along with Angela Thorne as Audrey’s best friend Marjory Frobisher, John Rudling as butler Brabinger, and the marvelous Daphne Heard as Richard’s mother.

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This article was first posted on September 24, 2012