15 TV Shows That Just Got Cancelled

Hell no.

Lucifer Fox

TV's version of The Hunger Games is underway, with series new and old fighting it out for survival as the networks' Upfronts presentations edge nearer.

With lots of newcomers to accommodate, it's simply a fact of TV schedules that some shows will have to make way, and the major networks ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC, and The CW have already started wielding the knife and cutting the chaff.

While there have been a few surprising renewals and other shows remain on the bubble, a number have had the plug pulled on them. A few will be sorely missed, and to others it's a case of goodbye and good riddance, but - barring more revivals - none will be back on our screens again anytime soon.

Honourable Mention: Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Brooklyn Nine-nine

Brooklyn Nine-Nine was cancelled, but the show's demise lasted just 24 hours before NBC stepped into the breach to revive it.

Fox's decision to cancel the series led to an outpouring of support for the sitcom on social media, with celebrity fans lending their voice, which then led to NBC seeing the value in picking it up for a sixth run, set to air in the mid-season. NINE NINE!


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