The subversive, crude, ironic comedy of Family Guy has taken over the world. With its creator and chief voice actor Seth MacFarlane overseeing 3 TV shows and recently directing the hilarious movie Ted, Family Guy has become a show highly regarded as funnier than its inspiration, The Simpsons. Now 10 seasons in, the show has been on the end of 12 Emmy Primetime Awards nominations, including one for Outstanding Comedy Series in 2009. While the show has arguably dipped in quality in the last couple of series, it’s best episodes remain absolute laugh riots, showing the best of animated comedy and what it can do.

So now, without further delay, here are the top 20 episodes they have given us over the years.

20. I Take Thee, Quagmire

In one of the few episodes when we see Quagmire as someone with real emotions, as he falls for Peter’s maid Joan. The episode kicks off with a fantastic sketch, showing Peter on Wheel Of Fortune. Peter is predictably hilarious in this, choosing Z, 4, Q, Q, Q, and the Batman symbol for his letters. He wins one week of maid service, and then annoys the maid with his typically hilarious and idiotic antics, before Quagmire falls in love with her and ends up marrying her. Things go sour when Peter talks him out of the marriage, but Glenn soon discovers that it won’t be easy, as Joan reveals herself to be suicidal.

There are some absolutely genius gags in this, including a spoof of 80′s cartoon “The Great Space Coaster” and Death showing up and mocking Friends spin-off “Joey”. But the best thing about this episode is the over-the-top movie the guys make faking Quagmire’s death, featuring Nazi’s, ninja’s, a robot made of pots and pans, and best of all, a toy dinosaur, whilst Peter sings the “Jurassic Park” theme song. Brilliantly and hilariously stupid in its own unique way.

19. No Meals On Wheels

In this episode, Peter and Lois come into some money, which they use to open a restaurant called “Big Pete’s House Of Munch.” All seems to go well for a while, until Joe and his fellow wheelchair bound buddies start to use the restaurant, much to Peter’s chagrin, as he doesn’t see the paraplegics as fitting in with the cool image he wants for his place. There are big laughs from the off here, with Peter buying a flannel pyjama set to wear instead of a suit, and creating a superhero named “Electric man” when he realises he can give people electric shocks using the static from the carpet.

It’s a well worked story, making this a hilarious introduction to form the main plot of the episode. There are some great gags here, mostly revolving around Peter mocking Joe for being disabled. When he calls him and his cop buddies “Parallelograms” it’s fantastic, and the final fight involving the group of wheelchair using cops forming “The Crippletron” to fight Peter and Stewie is a wonderful closer to a truly offensive episode.

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This article was first posted on August 18, 2012